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'Road to IELTS' is a new and free online learning platform exclusively for British Council IELTS candidates and students who registers with British Council to take their IELTS Test. Users will receive login information to enable them to access 'Road to IELTS'.

Free online preparation
- 30 hours of online self study materials from the British Council to support your exam preparation
- Exclusively for registered candidates
- 3 units, each based on commonly used IELTS topics
- Each unit covers all four sections of the exam (reading, listening, writing and speaking).

Prepare for your test
- Practise IELTS listening tasks under timed conditions
- View sample videos of speaking tests, highlighting good and less good practice
- Develop vocabulary and techniques for writing tasks 1 and 2
- Work on authentic texts for the reading test - just like the real exam
- Develop vocabulary in topic areas commonly used in the IELTS exam

Further benefits
- Instant Feedback: Gain instant feedback on your performance and monitor your personal progress.
- Understand your mistakes: See the correct answers and receive tips and hints to help you improve.
- Develop Confidence: As the exercises are based on real IELTS tasks, you become more familiar with the test and so feel more confident.

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If you have any question, please check the Frequently Asked Questions section or contact our Customer Services Team at +603 2723 7900.

Good Luck on your Road to IELTS!

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